Frequently Asked Questions (Simcoe Minor Baseball Association)

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I register my child to play baseball?
You can register online. (See Home page for info)  

2. When will T-Ball teams play?
T-ball teams play against other Simcoe teams, as well as Delhi T-Ball teams.  Last year games were held Tuesday to Friday.  Most weeks each team will play on 2 nights.  Games are played at Kinsmen park in Simcoe and Delcrest park in Delhi.

3. When will Rookie House teams play?
Rookie teams play against other Simcoe teams, as well as Delhi and Port Dover teams and possibly Hagersville, Caledonia & Walsingham.  There are usually at least 10 teams in the rookie house league.  Home nights for Simcoe rookie teams are Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at Lions Park or Stalker Park. Delhi plays at Delcrest Park.  Port Dover plays Tuesdays and Thursdays at Misner Park. 
Rookie teams can play any day of the week depending on who or where they are playing.  We try to make sure each team never plays more than 2 games per week.

4. When will Mosquito House teams play?
Mosquito teams play against other Simcoe teams, as well as Caledonia, Delhi, Port Dover, Hagersville and Tillsonburg teams and possibly Walsingham.  Home nights for Simcoe Mosquito teams will be Monday nights at Lions Park & Friday's at Stalker Park. Mosquito teams play twice a week.

5. Can my child still play Rep baseball in 2022?
  Yes, there could still be Rep opportunities for your child. If this is something that interests you please e-mail SMBA President Jeff Shortt @ [email protected]

6. My child is 4 years old, can they play T-Ball?
  Yes.  Starting in 2015 we allowed 4 year olds to play T-Ball.  We leave this decision up to the parents to make if they feel their child is ready.  We do this because the last thing we want to happen, is a child play baseball when they are too young, and end up never playing again.

7. Can my 6 year old play rookie ball instead of T-Ball?
  Maybe.  We do allow some 6 year olds to move up to rookie ball.  In order for this to happen we would need to do a quick evaluation of your child to make sure they are able to protect themselves properly.  If they can do that we would allow them to play rookie ball. 

8. I own a business, can I sponsor a baseball team?
  Of course you can.  Please contact our sponsorship coordinator Jeff Shortt @ [email protected]